Hatred Towards Ice Age Baby Causes Riots in Venezuela

Leo Humphrey, Rookie Reporter

The riots in Venezuela started in January have and have risen exponentially.

Over $80,000,000,000 dollars worth of government and public owned property have been destroyed by the enraged citizens of Venezuela. The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, decided to spend tax dollars on building statues of President Maduro’s personal God in the Church of Ice. The religious figure’s name is “Roshan,” but the general public knows him as “Ice Age Baby.” 

Maduro believes himself to be the disciple of Roshan and that he is destined to fight off the two Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Sideque the plague conjurer  and Diegorne the creature of violence . There is a third entity involved in the Church, Emannueale. He once saved Roshan from eternal darkness but later regretted the decision after seeing what Roshan would grow up to be, Emannueale left Roshan to be cold and for this Roshan cast Emannueale into the Eternal Abyss that he had once been helped out of.  The Church of Ice believes that if you follow Roshan on his path to enlightenment you will rise to a higher power in exchange for your total loyalty to the Church. If you do not choose to follow, you will be shunned into the Eternal Abyss with Emannueale.

The people are enraged because the money being spent on the statues was supposed to be funneled towards the dubbing of Marvel’s infinity war instead they will have to walk the streets while Ice Age Baby watches with his petulant yet analyzing gaze. There have even been reports of the statues moving. The president says it’s a sign from his marvelous overseer and that there is nothing to worry about. The people aren’t buying it though. A local man who prefers to remain anonymous says that “The Roshan is love Roshan is life T-shirts were the last straw. 

Those who choose to stay and reclaim their once valiant homeland have organised protests and riots. The Venezualan military has disbanded and has joined the immense riots holding flags reading “down with Nicolas and Down with Ice Age Baby.” About 84.23% of the Venezualan population is participating in these acts of protest, while the rest seem to be on the President’s side saying that “Judgement from Roshan is inevitable.” Despite the violence the Venezuelan  people are expressing, they refuse to harm their people who support the President’s decisions. Many World leaders are saying they will provide the dubbing of Marvel’s infinity war. Venezualan women reacts in saying “Endgame is already out, can we get that too or no.” I guess as long as Roshan creeps through families’ homes there will be only violence and infinity war.