Wheat Ridge Farmers Celebrate Prom Digitally


Bailey Duplessis

Wheat Ridge ladies get dressed up for their at home prom with their friends and family

Bailey Duplessis, Sports Editor

Friday, Apr. 24, 2020, was supposed to be a night Wheat Ridge Farmers would remember for the rest of their lives: prom.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the stay-at-home orders put in place, Wheat Ridge High School had to cancel their “Take me to the Moon” inspired prom. That wasn’t going to stop the students from having fun and making their “prom” week and “prom” day fun. 

The Wheat Ridge student senate released a video stating that the Farm was having a virtual prom week, with giveaways and games on their Instagram, @farmer.frenzy. They were trying to make it as fun and as normal as they possibly could.

For Monday, the theme was socks and sandals. Farmers all submitted their craziest combinations! There was also the cup-shuffle game that anyone could participate in. The winner of the socks and sandals was junior Lucas Eberle and he won a Starbucks gift card! The winner for the cup shuffle game was senior Sam Morley; he received a gift card to Matador. 

Tuesday was Mathletes vs. Athletes. Students and teachers put together their best outfits to look like the perfect mathlete or the perfect athlete. Senior Ava Flanagan won a Pizza Ally gift card dressed as an athlete!

Wednesday the Farmers dressed up as decades. There was every decade from the 50s to today! The Farm got really creative with this one. Senior Gabrielle Bolton came out on top with her wonderful 50s inspired look. She was awarded a Tellers gift card. There was also candy in a jar game played on this day. Everyone looked at the candy jar trying to get the closest to the amount in the jar. There were exactly 2084 M&M’S in the jar and senior Grant Ware guessed the closest with 2048 to win the jar of candy and a gift certificate to Jimmy’s Wings.

Thursday was lifeguard vs. skier, and the Farm came to play with this spirit day! Senior Jen Fisher dressed up as a lifeguard and made a whole scene with a pet duck in the pool to take home the win and a Tellers gift card. This was one of the most creative things we saw for this theme!

Friday was National Day Without Hate day, so naturally, the spirit day was white! Teachers and students went full white-out in support of Day Without Hate. Sophomore Lazlo Bjork won best dressed! The teachers also had some fun in a final mini-game: The Masked Singing Teacher. There were clips of four single teachers and one duet of teachers singing songs and students had to guess who they were. Senior Hannah Rudin came out victorious and won a gift card to Abrusci’s!

Friday was also supposed to be the night of prom. Students were saddened they could not go and have the time of their lives, but a math teacher at Wheat Ridge High School, Kendra Gothard, encouraged everyone to get dressed up and have fun by singing the song “Prom With Your Mom.” originally by Jimmy Fallon. Students had some fun and made do with the situation anyway. Farmers dressed up, took pictures, and had little proms of their own with their families or had a Zoom dance party with their friends. 

It wasn’t the prom we wanted, but it was the prom we got and we made the best out of it. Students had fun, the staff had fun, everyone could just forget about the craziness in the world for a day and feel a little normal. Congrats to all the winners throughout the week and everyone looked stunning in their prom outfits! Stay safe and stay healthy Farmers!