Social Distancing Affects The Public

Keally Peck, Staff Writer

It came as a surprise to everyone when COVID-19 became so severe.

In January and February, many people didn’t seem to pay much attention to it, but then in March., the topic seemed to grow in interest. Schools began to shut down, restaurants and bars closed down, and worst of all, everyone in certain states were now in a strict “Stay-at-Home” policy. But, the biggest changes included families, and friends. Once schools were shut down, many moved to online learning right away, and some declared breaks before also moving online and, many have advised others to stay at least six feet from other people, and declare you to not go visit friends or family, especially those who are old, or have previous diseases, and to stay at home most of the time. The only exceptions to travelling includes essential traveling, shopping for groceries is an example.

For me, when I first heard about it, I couldn’t believe it. But, before I knew it, my computer turned from my entertainment screen into my entire school on a screen. When I heard it was only going to be one week, for the time being , I believed it would be truly for one week, and everything would die down before spring break ended. Now that we are doing online school until the end of the year, I begin to miss waking up crazy early to go to school, deal with the craziness of high school, and I miss being able to hang out with classmates and friends in person. With this remote learning, I find subjects that used to be really easy to learn suddenly become hard to continue, especially new subjects. Even with videos and links provided to help, it just isn’t the same, and I don’t understand it like I would if the teacher presented it to the class, making sure we understand it correctly, and show us methods and ways to remember these tactics.

Another thing was the new law of social distancing. Well, with me being an introvert with friends, I didn’t seem to mind this at first. The only place it seemed to bother me was at my job. But, the more time that went on, I began to miss being able to go to places with friends, being able to do things involving stuff I love to do, like…. Seeing someone through a screen rather than in person does bother me since it doesn’t seem as nice and comforting as it would if a friend and I were going out to eat together or something like that. I know many people are suffering worse right now, as they don’t want to get other people sick as the virus continues to get more serious.

In fact, as time continues to go on, many places full of life and people are now empty, and many less people are there. This includes our dear High School, in which this year, Seniors won’t be able to put their names onto the wall like they would wish. Which hence, is the first in a very long time that the wall is painted, but not signed.

To put it down simply, I am glad the government is doing all they can to keep us safe, and try to stop the spread, and flatten the curve. However, I do miss how things were before, where my job as a courtesy clerk in a grocery store wasn’t as stressful, and boring. Or how school was, with how we would have to wake up early, but we could hang out with others, and see our teachers face to face instead of through a screen. I just pray things will get better in the near future, and hope all things everyone had to cancel, or postpone, will be able to take place in the future.