A Timeline of CHSAA and High School Sports in the Time of COVID-19

Lily Ives, Editor in Chief

CHSAA (Colorado High School Activities Association) has been in the news more than usual the past few weeks as schools navigate how sports will work.

The association leaders have been working with Governor Polis on what sports can be played at the high school level and how exactly they will be played. Here’s a brief timeline of recent decisions and events.
Back on Sept. 8, were made recently, golf, tennis, cross country, and softball were going to be the only sports allowed to be played during this fall season, but that was always subject to change, as most things in the present are. Polis has always been open to working with CHSAA with the fall season.
On Sept. 9, the board of directors for CHSAA released a statement that, in summary, stated that the calendar wasn’t going to be changed since the decision back in August (this has since changed). The most important things to both Polis and CHSAA is that there is no student travel and that physical health is the most important thing in mind.
As of Sept. 16, high schools now have the options to play field hockey, football, and sideline sprint . If students don’t play these in Season A, they can also be played in Season C. The most important thing to the association is still working with the pandemic. As to be safe with the restrictions put forth by COVID-19, there are a number of new rules being put in place to keep participants and viewers safe. For football, there can only be 30 players on the field per sideline, with field hockey having only 25. For all sports, players must wear a mask when not actively playing and must be six feet apart from any non-household members on the sideline. Spirit participants are to perform on the field, but they must maintain a 25 foot distance from both the spectators and the actual participants. For football, schools will only participate in one season, with it being a six game season and champion for each season.
Overall, this year is incredibly different for all aspects of school life, no matter who you are. Sports is one of the biggest things within high schools, so it’s incredibly important that all players and avid spectators have a base understanding of how the rules have changed over the past few months. Here’s to a good season!