Farmer Softball is Ready to Rumble


Courtesy of Wheat Ridge High School Softball on Facebook

Wheat Ridge Softball team ready for state

Bailey Duplessis, Sports Editor

The Farmers’ softball team had an absolutely amazing season.

Finishing the season 15-1 overall and 7-1 in league, they were the 4A champs for the 2020 season. The Lady Farmers ranked second in all of Colorado and ninth in the whole nation! They will be kicking off their state tournament starting Oct. 7 against Elizabeth High School at the Pennington fields. These girls fought all season to be in the position they are in today. 

The Lady Farmers put up big numbers this season, having 10+ runs in 13 of their 16 games this season, holding their opponents to an average of 2.1 points per game. In their second to last game of the season, the Farmers scored 25 runs, keeping the Alameda Pirates to zero runs scored. This game was their highest-scoring game, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. “We always had that target on our back.” said senior Angelina (Lee) Quezada.

 Teamwork is an important thing that every team needs. No matter if it’s sports or a debate team, working together is what makes a team. “We have chemistry this year, and we know how to play together,” said junior Bella Martinez, who is playing for her third year on the team.

 A team doesn’t just mean players either, great coaches and mentors help bring that team together just as much. The softball team consists of nine coaches who have pushed them to be the best they can be. “They believe in us,” said Martinez about her coaches and how they want to win state just as bad as they do. 

Practice makes perfect, and that is exactly what the Farmers have done this season. Junior Makayla Pedraza had the highest batting with a .667 to go along with 23 runs. Sophomore Elizabeth Uhl appeared 13 times this season, and in one of those games, she pitched a perfect game, which is a game in which a pitcher pitches a victory that lasts a minimum of nine innings and no opposing batter reaches base. She was the only pitcher of three to achieve that this season.

“My senior year softball season will always be the best compared to the last three. Though it’s my last time ever playing high school softball, I will forever appreciate the experience,” said Quezada about how her senior season was compared to her previous. “Many people will only remember our accomplishment, but I will remember the blood, sweat, and tears into the last four years.”  

Overall, the Farmers had a great season! Being the 4A champions and ranking number one in the state tournament is a huge accomplishment. They all worked so hard this season and put blood, sweat, and tears into making it to state. They are looking to bring the championship back to Wheat Ridge. Your Lady Farmers take on Elizabeth High School on Oct. 7 at 4 p.m. Support your Farmers! Good luck with the tournament, girls!