Vice Presidential Debate: Better than the Last

Leo Humphrey, Staff Writer

The Vice Presidential Debate with current vice President Mike Pence and running mate to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris was an interesting event.

With the garbage fire that was the Presidential debate on Sept. 29, many were hoping for two functioning adults to discuss their different viewpoints and why they hold those values. We got some of that. Kamala Harris had answered just about every single question the moderator asked of her. It was satisfying to hear somebody talk without somebody else rambling in the background.
Discussion of issues such as the handling of the ever growing Covid-19 Pandemic, including the Trump administration’s approach, was a big topic. Mike Pence made the point that they had “started research on a vaccine as early as February” and “They had gotten billions of supplies for their nurses and doctors.” Mike Pence then went on to brag about how lives had been saved thanks to the President. Kamala Responded by saying “Clearly what you say you’ve been doing hasn’t worked…” and “…With over 200,000 dead Americans”.
The Moderator would go on to talk about other topics such as Foreign Policy, Health Care, and the Supreme Court. The topic most discussed though was that of energy policy, Pence made a false accusation saying that Joe Biden said “he wanted to get a full ban on Fracking”. Harris responded by assuring the public that Joe Biden does not want to ban Fracking. Biden does however want to get a bill signed that calls for near zero carbon emissions in 15 years. Sounds promising for the existential threat of climate change, which is real. There is no denying it’s real and is caused by humans, that is an indisputable fact.
Mike Pence did not fully answer any of the questions he was asked, every time it was Pence’s time to talk he would only respond to what Kamala Harris said. Pence was also given way extra time. When the moderator would tell Pence that his time was up he would simply say “Can I finish my thought” and continue talking for at least 3 extra minutes. Although Kamala also sidestepped plenty of questions and wasn’t perfect, compared to Pence, she respected the rules much better. Now onto the Moderator, Susan Page; one word: wow. Susan Page is a Journalist for USA Today, a primarily conservative news source, which explains why she let Pence walk all over her. Page was a terrible moderator, she did not enforce the rules, she didn’t stop Harris or Pence from talking when their time was up, she didn’t do anything.
By the end of the debate, nobody really knew who won. As far as debates go it was pretty bitter sweet. Two days later, there was no change in opinion visible in the polls, leading into October. A second Presidential Debate was scheduled for Oct. 7 but Donald Trump refused to participate in a virtual debate. It was meant to stay cancelled and there would be no more debates but it has been postponed to Oct. 22, at Belmont University in Nashville. It’s most likely due to the Town Hall meetings where each candidate was asked questions by reporters and U.S citizens, Trump performed extremely bad his approval ratings dropped and Savannah Guthrie, the moderator, said and asked what everyone was thinking. The Election is getting closer and closer so for all those who can, please vote.