Farmers take on the Demons in a Rival Showdown


Bailey Duplessis

Quarter back Dominic Cross vs two Golden Defenders

Bailey Duplessis and Ronin McGlothlin


The Farmers took on their rivals, the Golden Demons, on Oct. 22 at NACC stadium. The Farmers took a hard loss, losing 21-0.

It was a hard-fought game on both sides, but the Demons came out on top. Senior Max Pomponio was the star player of the game on the defensive end with 11.5 tackles.

The first quarter started out with the Demons receiving the kickoff. Multiple great plays were made on both sides, but nobody scored. Pomponio was a major reason for the Demons not scoring, stuffing them at the line, or only allowing them to only gain a couple of yards. 

“I felt like I pushed myself to make tackles and never give up,” said Pomponio about being a huge advocate for a no-score first quarter. 

Going into the second quarter, plays were back and forth. Senior quarterback Dominic Cross for the Farmers was leading his team down the field. The worst thing that could happen happened. Cross threw an interception which eventually led to a Demon touchdown, putting them up 7-0. The Farmers and the Demons went into halftime with Golden leading. 

For the half-time show, the Golden poms’ team gave everyone some entertainment as fans on both sides froze in the rain. 

The Farmers came out of half time to receive the ball. In the 3rd quarter, Farmers struggled to get across the 50-yard line, and the Demons were continuing to push Wheat Ridge back and gain the upper hand through defense. The lack of yards was really holding the Farmers back all game. 

“On the offensive line we could have done a better job at blacking and just communicating overall,” said Pomponio about the O-Line not giving Cross enough time to find a player before the defense was up in his face.  

Cross had a couple of good completions on the last drive. Near the end of the game, Farmers fumbled the ball, and Golden was able to score another touchdown and later ending in a score of 21-0. 

This was a hard-fought game in the cold, wet rain. with the Demons taking the win back to Golden. 

Senior Evan Hughes, who plays for the Demons said that “[Senior] Cambell Thompson led the team to victory because he was a great leader in defense, encouraged the team during each play, never gave up, gave a very motivational speech, and always encouraged us to keep playing hard.”

The Farmers now hold a 0-3 record. They take the field next when they host the Dakota Ridge Eagles for a 4A Jeffco game on Friday, Oct. 30. Wheat Ridge will battle an Eagles team coming off a 42-0 league win over Standley Lake. The Eagles record now stands at 3-0. The Demons, now 1-2, will now prepare for their game against Chatfield