What has Joe Biden done so far?


Leo Humphrey, Sta

The main point of this article is not to point out everything great Biden is doing even though that’s quite a lot, The point is to critique Biden’s leadership and make sure you know what’s happening, which includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. In  his first few days in office, he made passing executive orders his highest priorities, orders that made the vaccine available to people 50-60+. Seventeen orders had been written 15 of which were executive orders. All of the orders are reversals of Trump policies that were wasting money and were overall harmful to the American people. Biden would need that money later to help pass a Covid-19 Stimulus bill.

To start off on a positive note, some of those executive orders have plans to enact a federal increase of the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Another one has jurisdiction to begin taking down the prison industrial complex. The prison industrial complex is the reason there are so many arrests in America. It makes it so prisons need prisoners in order to make a profit risoners can also be forced to work for free, which in itself is a form of slavery. Biden’s goal is to rid the country of for-profit prisons. 

Joe Biden has also made efforts for the U.S. to rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO) after Trump’s administration started to try and leave it. 

According to sources in Biden’s administration, they are on trajectory for every legal adult in America to be vaccinated by the end of May. This means a lot for not only the American people but Joe Biden’s reputation going forward into the next four years.

Biden has come out against universal healthcare in a time when health and safety concerns are at an all time high. Healthcare is a concern for every American for the sole reason being we have to pay for it. Despite universal healthcare working in practically every single other first-world country, politicians have still yet to make it a major topic of discussion. Joe Biden isn’t any different than any of the others when it comes to free healthcare, all Presidents in American history have never been for free healthcare.

Biden isn’t for the Green New Deal (GND), The GND being a large plan, much like the New Deal developed back in the 1930s by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The plan includes multiple Bills that if passed would help get fossil fuel usage down to nearly 0%. It would make cleaning the ocean and rivers a major priority. The GND also makes renewable energy its prime focus. With this new energy comes new Jobs and a lot of them too. The Green New Deal is a carefully thought out plan by some of the best scientists and politicians currently serving. Granted, Joe Biden does believe in climate change and is planning to make it a part of his first 100 days schedule by rejoining the Paris agreement. A deal like this though would bring massive economic benefits.
Joe Biden’s military affairs with the Middle  East  haven’t changed very much. Biden, as a new leader, has a chance to change the conflict in the Middle  East  such as reinstating  a 2015 nuclear agreement that Trump had left. Biden’s plans for the military have not been released in its entirety yet but from the actions seen so far you can bet that things don’t look too good for the ongoing battles between our countries. To those with military family members it is especially heartbreaking to see the war continue to a point where it feels there may be no end. 

Critiquing our leaders and  politicians is the best thing and only thing we can do to keep our democracy alive. We must simultaneously  acknowledge our accomplishments while continuing to build them all while trimming off the mold of outdated policies and constitutional loopholes. So no matter what, always keep yourself in check with what’s happening in our local and federal politics.