Test Fest and After Spring Break


Courtesy of WRHS

Test Fest schedule

Bailey Duplessis, Sports Editor

Hello Farmers and Families,

It is spring break and everyone should get a chance to relax and have some fun. We all know that during last year’s spring break we were all cooped up inside, not knowing if we would be able to return to school the next week. This year’s return to school is a little different.

 As of this moment, Wheat Ridge and a majority of Jeffco Public Schools have a hybrid or a 100% remote option. Starting on April 5, Jeffco has decided to go fully back in-person Monday through Thursday with Friday still being asynchronous. There is still the option to remain or switch to 100% remote as well. Make sure you know what you or your child is doing. 

The week after coming back to school, we have “Test Fest” and that includes a different schedule for students. The week of April 12 will be testing, asynchronous days, and Farmer week. Monday, April 12, will be a period 1-4 day with an extended time in first hour. Tuesday through Thursday will be the wacky days. Juniors will be taking the SAT on Tuesday, April 13 All other students will be asynchronous. Wednesday, April 14, sophomores will be taking the PSAT, and all other students will be asynchronous. Then Thursday, April 15, freshmen will be taking the PSAT, and, once again, all other students will be asynchronous. Finally, Friday, April 16, will be periods 5-8 with the extended time in fifth hour. 

Seniors, enjoy a couple of days of no testing! Normal schedules will resume the week of April 19th. 

If you have any questions, email your or your student’s counselor. Good luck Farmers with testing and have a fun, but healthy, spring break!