Four Years Really Isn’t a Long Time: Bailey’s Senior Goodbye

Sports for Life

Bailey Duplessis

Sports for Life

Bailey Duplessis, Sports Editor

Oh, I didn’t think this time would come.

A senior goodbye is something I haven’t even thought about. What better time to start writing and thinking about this than at midnight the day before it really should be turned in. 

My time with the Haystack has really been one of the best times of my life. I have made so many friends that eventually started to feel like family. I mean, I met my best friend in this class and we are going to college together next year. Shout out to Joey! 

Before joining the Haystack my sophomore year, I thought my writing was horrible, I wasn’t going to go anywhere in life, and I would just be sitting at home with my pets, wasting away. After joining, I realized my writing about topics that I love is really great! Going from not wanting anything to do with being involved with the school to being the sports, news, and social media editor is just crazy to me. 

I don’t really know what I would be doing with my life if my wonderful sophomore English teacher, Ms. Landon, hadn’t taken me under her wing and convinced me to join this amazing class. She has helped me through thick and thin in my time at Wheat Ridge. I love to call Ms. Landon my “school mom” because she always knows what’s best and gives amazing advice, especially about boys. It makes me smile to think that every time I would be upset about a boy, she would tell me I have a “broken picker” and proceed to tell me to keep my head high. Even if she doesn’t know a lot about sports, I always love teaching her. Just like she loves teaching me how to write better. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher, mentor, or friend. 

My time at Wheat Ridge has been so special. There was never a time I wished I wasn’t a Farmer. This school has some of the best teachers in the whole world. They all want to help you grow and become a better person overall. 

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There was never a time I wished I wasn’t a Farmer

— Bailey Duplessis

One teacher that completely impacted me in my four years here was Ms. Hovland, better known as Hova! From my first day at Wheat Ridge, I knew I wanted to be in her class, and just like that, second semester of freshman year I was sitting in that class with all her lamps and lots of crazy, amazing posters along the wall. I knew this awesome, tattoo-filled teacher was going to be one I stick with. I have had her all four years, even if during my junior year I was just a TA. Hova is the sister I always wanted. Going to college six hours away and not being able to just pop into her class to say “hi” is going to be one of the hardest things about moving away. 

All of my other teachers have had just so much impact on me too. They have all shaped me into who I am and what I am going to do in life. Mr. Austin, one of the funniest teachers I know, taught me how to be responsible with my money (I am not). Ms. Murphy taught me how to relax and breathe in times of stress. Mr. Heim taught me I should be educated in my government if I am going to talk about it. Mr. Goudge has taught me more math in the last two years than I ever thought possible, even though he can’t get me to figure out negatives. Mr. Watkins somehow convinced me to do Livestream broadcasting, and that caused me to fall in love with broadcasting! Ms. Walker has taught me that there is a lot more than what meets the eye in biology. I couldn’t ever forget to mention the best coach, Coach McAdams! She convinced me to play tennis and it really has been so much fun to play, even if I hurt my wrists all the time. There are so many more teachers who have helped me along the way, and I am so incredibly grateful for all of them. 

I figure this is time to wrap this up before I start crying. My Haystack family is a group I could never forget. My Editor-in-Chief, Lily Ives, my favorite. You are so talented, thank you for helping me along the way! Ms. Landon, you are just amazing. Mr. Hartman, I don’t think I would be doing broadcasting if it wasn’t for you showing me how to use computer stuff like that. And everyone else over the years, I love you all and thank you. 

 I love everyone and everything about Wheat Ridge. I cannot wait to visit in a couple of years and think, “Wow, this place is small, but so filled with memories.” Peace out, Wheat Ridge. Catch you on the flippity flip.