One of My Best Experiences: Jenna’s Farewell


Jenna Martinez, Writer


Saying goodbye to something you’ve had the chance to grow, make memories, and take opportunities for is never easy.

As I’ve been reflecting on my high school, middle school, and elementary years, I realize the memories I’ve made are timeless and special.


  I’ve made countless memories and friendships during my time here at Wheat Ridge High School. A lot of them hold a special place in my heart along with some friendships. Teachers like Ms. Budoff, Ms. Landon, and Mr. Heim have truly changed my life in ways they might not ever know. I will forever be thankful to them for being a rock when I was going through stuff, helping me, and even just telling me small words of appreciation during my time here and making sure I know I have a support system. My friends such as Lily, Keally, Amy, RJ, Leigh, and Emma have made high school such an enjoyable experience from memories we have shared together. 


  In these past four years, I am ready to say with complete confidence that I have changed a lot. I have grown as a person to become a good listener, an advocate for myself, caring, and more talkative. I grew confident with the person I am and am becoming. I realized that all of us aren’t the same, and that’s always okay. It’s good to take pride in your interests and to find healthy friend groups who will always be there for you, like I did in junior year. From freshman year, I was shy and nervous before I grew more into my shell these past two years and became more talkative and outgoing. 


 The lessons I have learned from my time here are lessons I’m going to carry with me as I move on to the next chapter of my life. My friends and teachers have taught me a lot and I don’t know where I would be without them or the lessons they have all given me. 


 During my second semester of freshman year, I had decided to join the Haystack as an elective credit. I enjoyed writing and I thought it would be fun. That choice has led me to enjoy writing, late nights editing papers, our goodbyes on breaks, and making friends and joking around in an environment that was always fun. I got to enjoy being a features editor for a semester, to grow connections I didn’t think I would, and grow my passion for writing. 


  I know I’ll mostly miss my teachers and friends. They have played such a huge and key role for me during these past few years and now we’re all going our separate ways for college. I enjoyed taking everyone with me to the gas station, to King Soopers, to messing around in my Med Prep class, and staying a bit late to have conversations with my teachers. All of the memories and friendships are something I will always want to cherish and keep up with or reminisce on. 


 As we’re getting ready to graduate next week I want to say thank you to all the teachers for always supporting the students and a thank you to my friends for making it one of the best experiences I’ve had. I’ll never forget the lessons, classes, or the odd moments. Here’s to a new chapter that doesn’t involve school.