Joe Biden Climate Action and Response to Israel Palestine Conflict


Leo Humphrey, Staff Writer

Vaccination rates are at an all time high thanks to Joe Biden’s Vaccine distribution plan and as of May 16, 47% percent of Americans have received a single dose, and 37% percent have been fully vaccinated. The Biden administration held a summit that included forty world leaders to get the message that “America is back.”

 After rejoining the Paris Agreement, Biden also announced that his administration would be putting together a plan to cut fossil fuel emissions by 50-52% percent by the year 2030. This bill will also bring home millions of new union jobs. In Biden’s summit he also addressed that the fight against climate change needs to go hand-in hand, making it explicitly clear that  anyone who can help must. Joe Biden also alerts the U.S led-Major Economies Forum (MEF) of the global climate action and prepares multiple branches for finance, and over-all eco-friendly approaches to getting the global fossil fuel emission to net-zero by 2040-2050.

Regarding the recent bombings between Israel and Palestine, Joe Biden has come out and said he will “Speak with Netanyahu in the hopes of a possibility for a cease-fire on Palestinian homes.” Despite this being an innocent gesture, Joe Biden and the military continue to sell weapons and ammunition to both Israel and Palestine. Thankfully for Palestine, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are leading the development of a bill to stop the supply line to Israel. The bill has gained popularity through congress and senate, the chances of it not being passed is almost none.  Later, on May 17, we got answers from Netanyahu for the reasoning on the attacks. He exclaimed that “The buildings targeted were a headquarters for an Palestinian terrorist group” and was “an appropriate target.” After further investigation no sign of Israeli terrorists or otherwise known as Hamas was found. Casualties from the current total of 820 bombings are high and confirmed civilian deaths have reached at least 227 Palestinian  lives and 12 in Israeli. On a better note this violence is seeing the end of its horizon with Israel’s weapons supplies being cut short real negotiation may be able to truly start.