The Farm Goes Greek for HoCo

Jacob G Ybarra, Rookie Reporter

After nearly a two year hiatus, Wheat Ridge High School will finally be hosting Homecoming again, with the theme of Greek mythology. Starting off spirit week on Monday will be pajama day, Tuesday is beach day, Wednesday will be jersey day, Thursday is generation day, and finally, Friday is Farmer day. For the homecoming football game it’ll be at the Trailblazer Stadium starting at 7:00pm against Denver South
The cost for entry to Saturday’s Dance will be $15. The location will be outside the front doors of the school near the tractor and WR letters, specifically on the sidewalk and part of the parking lot. This is the first outdoor dance ever! Great weather is predicted, so Farmers can dance under the stars. The disc jockey for the dance will be DJ Rock Box.
The reason for it being outside is due to Covid If the dance is outdoors, then all of the people who want to go will be able to, unlike in the gym, where we would have had to limit the number of people there. But don’t forget your mask; the bathrooms inside will be used though you will need to wear a mask inside for the bathrooms.
Another thing is you are allowed to bring someone either from another school or someone who is under 21 years old. Just be sure to register their name with assistant principal Pat Rock early in the week.
In other words we are happy to welcome not only spirit week back but Homecoming back to the Farm! And to everyone, have a safe HoCo 2021!