Malloy Says “Farewell” to the Farm


Courtesy of Wheat Ridge Police Department Facebook Page

Barry Malloy stands in front of Wheat Ridge High School.

Zoe Mentel, Rookie Reporter

At first glance, a cop with a gun in a school can be scary, but for the last 13 years Officer Barry Malloy has protected all of Wheat Ridge High School’s students and staff. After 13 years at Wheat Ridge, Malloy will be leaving. When I talked to some of the staff at Wheat Ridge, about him there was no hesitation to say that he does an amazing job protecting the Farm.  

Malloy is not only good at his job, but he is very kind to students and staff. Many were happy to discuss what a positive influence he has had on the school.

Social studies teacher Anitria Hall said, “He’s somebody that the staff has always felt comfortable talking to and going to anytime we have had an issue or a concern, he’s always made us feel safe in our school.” Hall said she would like to give Malloy  “a big thank you for all of his hard work and dedication.” 

When asked what he would miss most  about working at our school, Malloy  talked about how he considers the kids at our school almost as if they are his own kids. He said, “I refer to them when I talk to other people as my kids, and I’m gonna really miss that daily interaction with students.” 

Malloy’s involvement in the school has included every aspect of the community.  He said “I love the concerts, I love the plays, I love the games, I love the dances, but the biggest thing that I really really loved was when I could get into the classrooms and discuss how I use everything they are learning every day in my job.” After interviewing Malloy I can say that he definitely cares for the staff and students at our school. 

English teacher Timothy Slater had nice things to say as well.  “He’s always done a really good job of being really welcoming to students but then also when he needs to be very strict he is very strict.” 

Slater also said of Malloy, “He’s  always done a great job of making sure that staff knows he has their back.” I asked him what he would like to say before Malloy leaves and he said “I want to thank him for everything he’s done.” 

We wish Officer Malloy the best of luck in his new pursuits. We will miss him and hope he comes to visit us soon!

Officer Barry Malloy holds Anitria Hall’s three-month-old son on May 6, 2016. (Courtesy of Anitria Hall)