Getting Your Permit may not be as Complicated as it Seems

Lillyonna Jackson, Rookie Editor

In this day and age it’s very common for 16-year-olds to be seen driving, in fact it’s weird if a 16-year-old doesn’t drive. This is because driving is a mainstream way of travel, not driving isn’t really a choice because you either have to take public transportation which is alright, but it’s not very dependable. You could also take an uber but taking uber consistently can be really pricey, another option is riding with friends or parents but it’s very easy for this to go south. If driving is so common why is it so difficult to get a permit/license?

In the past, drivers ed was more accessible for teens. Schools would have programs for students. Now students have to go on a mini adventure to find anything out about getting a license or merit. Most kids figure it out eventually, for example me.

According to The Orange County Register, “Years ago, most districts canceled driver’s ed classes, a victim of budget cuts or because of an increased emphasis on college-entrance requirements. A few now offer online classes.”

It’s unfortunate it’s not as easy to access drivers education but it’s not as difficult as it seems. 

If you want your permit at 15 you need to take a drivers education course, and most courses require you to be 14 ½ years old, including the one I’m taking. There are multiple drivers ed courses you can take, online and in-person. The majority of them you have to pay for. The course I chose is through the National Highway Administration and it costs $50. 

In-person courses prices vary from each program, but it usually is more expensive than an online course.  

There are different requirements for different ages. If you’re 16 or older, it is not required to take a drivers education course. You can just apply for a permit, but you should study for the test on your own.

When you get your permit there are even more rules for when you get your license. According to, “To get a Colorado driver’s license, applicants under 18 must: Submit log sheets showing that they have at least 50 hours of driving experience, including a minimum of 10 hours at night. Provide proof that they’ve completed an approved behind-the-wheel training program (if they are under 16½).” 

According to, “If you are under 18, you can drive with a driver’s education instructor or with a licensed, responsible adult at least 21 years old. However, you may only log the 50 hours of drive time with the person(s) who signed the DR2460.”

Basically, you can drive with any licensed adult, but the required 50 hours must be logged by an adult that has signed the DR2460. The DR24600 is a, “…the DR2460, Affidavit of Liability and Guardianship for you to get your permit,” which is basically saying that you can drive with an adult 21 years and older and over, but the only adult that can help you log your driving hours has to sign an affidavit of liability. 

 Getting a license is a lengthy process, for good reason. You can’t let just anybody onto the road because they may not be aware of the rules thus creating dangerous situations for other drivers on the road.