Music On The Farm–What Are You Listening To?

Music On The Farm--What Are You Listening To?

A. Brisaeus Crabtree, Rookie Reporter


You’ve probably realized you’ve been taking a lot of surveys recently about music. I put out a survey to certain Farmer Times to get a more in depth look at what kind of music people listen to around the Farm, as well as a poll on the Wheat Ridge Haystack website. We have results! 

With the responses to both the poll and the survey, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what genres people listen to. Whether or not people responded to both the survey and the poll, there were 157 answers on the genres. Our most answered genre was Pop, with a total of 42 votes. Our second was Rock/Metal with 28 votes. In third was Hip Hop/R&B with 26 votes. 

If you took the more in-depth survey, I asked you how you think music has affected your life or someone else’s. As far as the responses to that, I generally see a theme of emotions. One person said, “Music affects my life by giving me an outlet to express my emotions…” Another said, “It is a way to escape and find your own headspace.” 

Personally I relate with these responses and I know a lot of other people can, too. Overall people (especially our Farmers) use music to express themselves, set the mood for certain activities, and even help control their own emotions. Whether that be expressing their emotions, or using music to change their mood. 

The next question I asked was, “How does music influence who you are?” I got a range of responses from no influence to influencing their personality. I interpreted this question more as how important music is to people. Going along with the first question, some people listen to music to set a mood or just use music occasionally. But if you’re like me, then listening to music is a must at almost all times, and it actually influences who you are. 

With music it can bleed over into your interests and hobbies, or into your personality, how you act, things like that. I especially liked the response of “I grew up listening to all kinds of music so it’s a big part of who I am and what I like.” I feel a lot of people especially in our generation can relate to this, that growing up music influenced us as well. 

The last question was just for fun, for me to see the artists that people are listening to in general around the Farm. I got a pretty wide variety on that as well. From My Chemical Romance, to Garth Brooks, to Ski Mask The Slump God. This just goes to show yet again how diverse Wheat Ridge really is.

I think it is safe to say that music is important to all of us in one way or another. To some it is more important than others, and that’s okay! Thank you for your responses, Farmers.