Clubs on the Farm Make Life Better

Future Farmers of America students plant vegetables.

Courtesy of Traci Binford

Future Farmers of America students plant vegetables.

Fiona Botsford, Rookie Reporter

Having extra time is like winning the lottery when you are a high school student. You never seem to have enough of it and when you think you’ve finally got time, it’s gone. With homework and never-ending tests for some people it’s hard to have free time to do the things they enjoy. However, it’s important to take a break from all the chaos. A great way for students to do this is to find clubs and activities to join. 

Here at Wheat Ridge High School there are several club options to choose from. Such as the Horror Movie Club, Video Games Club, ASL, and Future Farmers of America an agriculture club that is helping the environment and teaching students leadership skills).

Clubs are important for teenagers to join because it gives them a sense of purpose. It’s good for students’ self confidence to know they belong to something. Assistant principal Jason Campbell said, “The more clubs you have, the more opportunity to belong to something and the more opportunity to feel like you matter.” 

It’s human nature to want to belong to something and, thankfully, clubs provide that opportunity. 

Science teacher and FFA sponsor Traci Binford said, “It’s a time where you can join friends in an activity that’s not necessarily rigorous classwork.” This proves the point of how clubs serve as a great way to take a break from school in a positive and healthy way. 

Feeling involved increases positive mental health, having good mental health results in lower rates of anxiety and depression. The pandemic caused a lot of students to struggle with mental health, leaving lasting effects on teens. Meeting new people is an excellent way to boost mental health. 

Co-president of the Horror Movie Club and junior, Sarah Chorens Alsagir, said, “It’s fun to meet people that normally I know wouldn’t talk to me.” Being able to connect with different people over things you both enjoy is a gateway to new friends. What’s wrong with having some fun?

You may be thinking clubs and other activities will negatively affect your school work and grades but that’s not the case, Campbell said. “Kids tend to have a desire to do good in school when they feel like there is something they can belong to outside of the academic setting.” 

When students have something to look forward to and work for they perform better. Chorens Alsagir said being part of a club has not negatively affected her school work. Because it’s not a class and just a time to enjoy a movie, students in Horror Movie Club can get school work done during the meetings. Some students feel they are more productive when there is a change in scenery around them.

At Wheat Ridge High School clubs are all about appealing to the student body, but if students aren’t presented with the opportunity to create their own club that fits their style, fewer and fewer people will see the benefits of being in an organization. It’s important for students to know they can make their own club. Campbell regularly has his door open to students and is always curious to learn about new clubs you may be interested in creating. 

There are a few things you need to do before starting a club. First you need to find an adult sponsor so you have a place and time to meet. Once that is approved by Campbell, you can start advertising the club. Campbell is currently working on a Google form for students to fill out. It will ask you questions like your name, ID number, and what club you are interested in, as well as the name of the sponsor. In the meantime you can go to Campbell’s office to discuss your club idea. 

Joining Horror Movie Club has been a great way for me to take a break from school stress. It’s fun, and I have a good time. Writing this article has shown me the bigger picture as to why teenagers should find something to be a member of. Clubs may not be for everyone, but I do want to point out the significance of being a part of something. Everyone should find some kind of activity outside of school that makes them happy. Don’t be afraid to learn a new skill and make new friends. Now is the perfect time to explore different career options or hobbies you may already be curious about. But most of all, just have fun!