Future Day

Atticus Barron, Rookie Reporter

Attention Farmers: Future Day is next Wednesday, October 12, 2022! All the information you need to know is right here, no need to look further!
Freshmen graders should arrive at 7:30 You will spend half the day in the gym with exciting career opportunities. Different companies will be here for you to ask questions about various careers.

Sophomores should arrive at 8:00 and will be taking the ASVAB. You will leave as soon as you finish. Make sure you try your best!

Juniors will have to arrive at 7:30 for the PSAT. You will also leave once you are done.

Seniors will start at 9:00 and be able to do a plethora of activities starting with college application help and visiting colleges. There will be a trip down to Metro State University for a college look-around.

The schedule for the week is:

Monday: Per. 1-7

Tuesday: Per. 1-4 (block)

Wednesday: Future Day

Thursday: Per. 5-7 (late start, block)

Friday: Per. 1-7

To all, you testing, don’t stress and try your best!