Don’t Make The Farm Look Like a Barnyard

Audrey Greniger, Rookie Reporter

The staff here at Wheat Ridge works hard to ensure it’s clean and safe for students, but for some reason, some students don’t respect that.

There is vandalism, littering, and stealing happening throughout the school. Last year was the worst. There were soap dispensers being dismantled, toilets being ripped out of the floor, and drawings and writing on the walls. As a result, a few students’ privileges have been revoked. 


According to Moses Izeta, school dean, “People were moving furniture from the commons and putting them in the bathrooms. We took them out,” Due to this, students have to stand around the tables in the commons.

The bathrooms are now a big problem due to a TikTok trend, which started last year, leading students to break and steal school property. In an interview with facility manager Art Castro, he said, “They’re breaking the soap dispensers in the boy’s restroom.” 

Hannah Bagley, sophomore student, says, “People pour Coco-Puffs in the…toilets.” Also, Caden McNew mentions, “They poured all of their orange juices on the floor in the girls bathroom so when you walk in there’d be… a puddle on the bathroom floor.”  When talking about the school bathrooms, Sam Christensen said, “…general uncleanliness like toilet paper and food products around everywhere.” These are only three of many instances of students trashing the farm.

These pranks might be taken as harmless and comical, but it affects the school and staff. It costs them time and money that could be better spent on necessities. 

Students’ access to the school is limited during lunch, only the main hall and commons are allowed. The football field is off-limits too; it’s too easy for kids to go down the

re and do whatever they want without supervision. There isn’t enough security, staff, and cameras to ensure students don’t disrespect the school with litter and vandalism.

Another big problem is students writing and drawing on the desks. Students often write notes to their friends and don’t erase it. They doodle on the desks when they’re bored, a

nd they often have profanities on them.

When full access was allowed in the past students would leave their food trays, trash, and spills in the hallways. This isn’t fair to the custodial staff that

have enough to clean up after lunch. They don’t need more work added to their schedules.

The custodians are severely understaffed. They don’t have enough time and people to be cleaning up extra things.

The facility manager here at Wheat Ridge, Art Castro, kindly asks “Can you just be a little more responsible and have some pride in the farm, you know, try to keep the farm clean?”