Wheat Ridge Volleyball Team and Game


Tucker Payne, Rookie Reporter

On September 14, 2022, the Wheat Ridge High School girl’s volleyball team had their first home game since 2021. The varsity team won with a whopping 3-0 score against DSST. 

The team started practice in June, and according to sophomore player Honora Tegeder, “ I feel confident about the year ahead.” She continued to say the team has a strong bond and feels confident about the future wins ahead. 

This year the volleyball team has got a new set of coaches. 

Sophomore player Jorja Barron said, “The coaching style has shifted. it’s intense but good.” 

“It’s nice to be winning,” Barron said. “The girls are loving and are very nice.” She is happy to be a part of a wonderful team.  

She also stated, “Throughout the varsity game you could see the team supporting each other.”  

Sophomore viewer Caden McNew, a fan of the team, said, “It was an awesome game to watch and was very exciting to be a part of.” During the game you would see both the student section and players interacting with each other showing support for one another. 

 varsity volleyball team now has a 9-12 record. The varsity team has had many great plays and triumphs throughout the season, and we are excited to see what they do next year!