Bryan Vera-Ruiz Chasing Pro Soccer Career


Taylor Watkins

Bryan Vera Ruiz guards the Farmers home goal, at the Wheat Ridge v. Lakewood game.

Sophie Martin, Rookie Reporter

Junior Bryan Vera Ruiz wears 00 as a goalie on our varsity boys soccer team, the Farmers, but he dreams to go bigger. He is currently chasing his dream of going professional by trying out for the Club América youth football (soccer) team. 

Club América is a widely-known professional Mexican club football team. Founded Oct. 12, 1916, Club América became one of the most successful Mexican soccer clubs in the league. With 106 years of experience Club América has won six titles. 

Here on the Farm, Vera Ruiz averages 8.2 saves per game, and out of 47 shots on goal this season, only seven have gotten past him. These outstanding stats push him to go professional. The amazing opportunity of trying out for the youth soccer team at Club América was recently provided to Vera Ruiz. He leaves on Oct. 26 and will return Nov. 1. 

Vera Ruiz remains optimistic about the opportunity. “If I don’t make it to Club América, I’ll just keep working hard; soccer’s a passion, so I’m obviously going to continue working and no matter what I’ll stick with it, I’ll push through, and keep working hard in order to become professional,” Vera Ruiz said. 

The motivation to play competitively consists of pressure from family, friends, and from himself. Vera Ruiz’s motivation extends directly to his personal life. “My grandad, who passed away, was a big fan of Club América, a big fan of soccer; that motivates me, as well to become the soccer player that I want to be,” he said.

Boys varsity soccer head coach, Nate Flack, expressed his own, and the team’s, support for Vera Ruiz. “The team is very supportive of him; we’re all very excited for him, they understand that this is a really rare opportunity that he gets,” Flack said.

The love and connection between the team are consistently present. They’ve built a trusting and safe environment between the players and coaches. The support for Vera Ruiz within the team is evident: “He not just improved our squad because he’s a great goalkeeper, but he improved our squad because he’s a great teammate,” Flack stated. 

Vera Ruiz returns the fondness of the team. “I made a family here, every time I’m with them my problems go away; and every time I play with them is like a dream come true,” he said.

Vera Ruiz earns respect from his peers and mentors. Math teacher and team supporter Kendra Gothard shows her support through Vera Ruiz and his attempts to go professional. “It’s a huge opportunity that he’s being provided and I’m so incredibly proud of how far he’s come,” she said.

“Every little boy’s dream is to play professionally” Flack said, and with enough motivation, anything is attainable. Vera Ruiz hopes to be a motivator for his peers and mentor to others, leaving with this  piece of advice: “These opportunities aren’t an everyday thing, they’re not going to come right to your feet. You have to fight for them, work hard every day. Anything is possible.”