The Making of Chocolate Cake


Avery Ransford, Rookie Reporter

Do you like chocolate cake? Did you ever wonder who thought it up? Then this article is for you! 

In 1874 a popular cookbook author Eliza Leslie published one of the earliest chocolate cake recipes in “The Lady’s Recipe Book.” But in 1886, American bakers started putting cocoa beans into the cake batter. “The Duff Company,” a molasses manufacturer, made and introduced the “Devil’s Food cake” in the mid-1930s, but it was put on hold due to World War II. 

“Lowneys ‘Always Ready’ Sweet Chocolate Powder ad from Lowney’s Cook Book (1912), chocolate cake was already becoming a commonplace food.” According to

The earliest chocolate cake origins traced back to Europe. 

Personally, my favorite chocolate cake recipe is from Natasha’s Kitchen!