Video Game Club WRHS

Brandon Mendez, Rookie Reporter

You could actually have fun after school! Yes, there is now a Video Game Club here on the Farm in Room 149.

Going to Video Game Club is a great opportunity to make new friends. This is a chance to share your interests with others and to show how good you are at specific games you like! Plus, as computer teacher Dane Hartman said, “Who doesn’t love video games?” 

Club members say that it is pretty fun to be in the video game club after school. You get to play video games and not just that, but you can also play chess if you would like to. “ It’s kinda like 20… 25 to 30 kids that go on Wednesday, after school, ” sophomore Joseph Evans said.

“So we’ve got 12 computers that students can play games from: Steam, Epic Games, Riot Games. And we also got a raspberry pie that has 12,000 Retro Games, and four controllers,” Hartman said. 

Students like it because they can play different video games on the computer and hang out with friends. “If you have the time to go and hang out with other people either you have met or you know, then I do recommend going there” Evans says.   

You may come and go as you please, if you’re bored, come and stop by every Wednesday after school for the Video Game Club.