How About Something New this Thanksgiving?


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A traditional Thanksgiving meal is always delicious, but there are options beyond the traditional.

Tucker Payne, Rookie Reporter

Now that Thanksgiving and the holiday season is coming up, let’s talk about some delicious meals and traditions that your friends and family can enjoy this joyous season! 

Many traditional meals that are included this Thanksgiving are mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, hams, bread rolls and you can’t forget the turkey! According to Forbes Magazine, an easy-to-make dish is a pie. gives us an easy no-bake recipe

Another example of a delish pie is an apple pie. They are easy due to being able to buy the pie or its ingredients at a cheap price. 

It seems all Farmers are excited for their big meal next week.

Sophomore Hannah Bagley said, “My favorite Thanksgiving meal is the ham,”  a statement that leads to a  huge debate of whether it’s better to eat ham or turkey, mostly because of the convenience of the ham versus the turkey. A turkey takes hours to prepare and cook while a ham takes half the time and trouble. If you like turkey then can give you a delicious but time-consuming meal. The meal will take a total of  15 hours! 

Sophomore Graycee Cline says, “The best part of Thanksgiving is the rolls.” 

 Sophomore Caden Mcnew says he loves the stuffing. 

This brings us to the sides! The food network gives us a delicious sausage and herb stuffing which will only take a total of 1 hour and 22 minutes. 

Hopefully, this will help with the stress of the food prep and you can have a delicious holiday meal!