Finals on The Farm!


finals schedule the next week.

Tucker Payne , rookie reporter

The stress of finals can be something hard to deal with, and there are many ways to cope and deal through these stressful times.  It is so important to stay focused for the end of the semester, it’s the perfect time to hunker down and get all the work finished. Stay on track with your sleep schedule, give yourself a break when needed and stay focused. 

Psych Central gives seven great examples of how to keep a good schedule of studying and a good personal schedule. It can help you learn to be productive and have fun. The text states, “For study time, set specific goals for each study session throughout the day, too. For instance, “Tuesday morning, I’m going to review Chapters 14, 15 and 16, write summaries of these chapters, and finish re-reading my class notes covering this material.””  This is a prime example of giving good study habits. 

The New Jersey Institute of Technology also gives good techniques to stay connected to your mind and personal connection while being able to pass finals. 

I would recommend following these habits because they may be able to help you through the hard times. It is incredibly important to try your hardest and be able to stay focused. Good luck!