Homework “Friend or Foe”?

Brandon, rookiereporter

Picture this! You get home and you start to do your homework! No life! No video games! No social life! No going to the movies! Nothing fun to do! Is our homework helping us to learn, or is it just to put weight on our backs? 

Does doing our homework help us understand what was taught in class? Does it help us to manage our time wisely?  Why is it that some teachers assign homework?

“Some reasons we give out homework is so that they [students] can practice their time management skills, Another reason we do that is because oftentimes in order to remember something we have to reinforce it outside of Class” science teacher Dori Walker said.  

Here at Wheat Ridge,25% of students  in regular classes do the work, but the other 75% don’t do their homework.  If students don’t do their homework they usually don’t do well on their quizzes and tests in class. 

“However , in my honors class, they are assigned homework four nights a week, mostly every night. It is something that we go over in class,” said Walker. 

Yes homework can be stressful, but it can help us manage our time wisely. For example if there is homework assigned on a Tuesday and it’s due on the same Friday, we have to know how to manage our time that was given to us to get the work done. Doing homework can reduce screen time and can improve grades overall. 

Doing homework can also affect us if we have a part time job/full time job. The reasoning being is that if we have work right after school, when we get off work we won’t have enough time to finish our homework. Think about it. When we go to work and we come home,all we want to do is to relax and chill and not worry about anything else.  In addition it can also interfere with our playtime(video games etc). Doing too much homework or in general it can be challenging to do everything at the same time. As a student it can be challenging to do homework because we can forget to do it once we get home or sometimes we are just too lazy to do it. We have to be responsible, not doing our homework can affect us significantly at the moment or over time. 

Overall, it’s understandable that teachers give out homework and understandable how many of us students don’t want to do our homework.