Tryna Munch?

Sydney Hertel, Eli Merket, Annie and Alice Morrissey enjoying Chipotle for lunch!

Sydney Hertel, Eli Merket, Annie and Alice Morrissey enjoying Chipotle for lunch!

Caden McNew, Reporter

This is a simple article. It goes over the most popular lunch places that Wheat Ridge students go to. Each restaurant includes the location, the distance, the time the drive would take, the average price of the products there, how popular it is for Wheat Ridge students, the experience of the workers and the restaurant, any extra notes, and an overall rating. In the end, I’ll go over some statistics– if you care.

Location: 3294 Youngfield St Suite A, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Distance: 2.1 miles, 6-minute drive
Bowl: $10
Burrito: $9
Quesadilla: $9
Popularity: This is one of the most popular lunch joints for Wheat Ridge students, so if you do decide to go here be cautious of long lines and big crowds.
Experience: The service is almost always great in Chipotle, and it’s rare that they really mess up your order because you watch them as they make it and you guide them through the process.
Extra notes: They also offer an online ordering option which can cut down on time and the amount you have to deal with crowds. You can also easily get free water and fill it with soda here because of the location of the register compared to the soda machine but don’t tell them I told you that.
Overall Rating: 9/10

Location: 3609 Wadsworth Blvd, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Distance: 1.9 miles, 6 minutes
Price: A four-piece combo is $8 but they have more or fewer options.
Popularity: Canes is one of the most popular food places for WR students and the line is incredibly long, but the food is, in my opinion, worth it. Plus, the workers there are good at ensuring that the lines move fast.
Experience: The workers there are incredibly nice on average and the food is always good. It’s hard to mess up an order at Cane’s because it’s all just chicken, so the worst that could happen is that up get too much or too little chicken, but that has never happened to me.
Extra notes: As I mentioned before, it’s all chicken so you have to like chicken to go there, and if you’re going with friends then everyone in the car has to want chicken too. It’s not very vegetarian-friendly.
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Location: Dairy Queen (Treat), 9720 W 44th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Distance: 1.3 miles, 4-minute drive
Price: Starting price for a blizzard is anywhere between $2 and $4, without any toppings. Any additional toppings are extra.
Popularity: Surprisingly, despite the close distance and cheap treats, this isn’t a super popular Wheat Ridge lunch destination. The line is rarely too long to bear and it’s rare you’ll see many WR students there.
Experience: A lot of WR students work there but obviously you won’t see them on your lunch break, and I find that a lot of the time people who work there that I don’t know are occasionally rude. But it’s rare that they mess up your order. The food is not worth your time, always greasy and gross– but the ice cream is yummy.
Overall Rating: 6.5

Location: 3294 Youngfield St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Distance: 2.1 miles, 6-minute drive
Price: On average, a regular Wisconsin Mac N Cheese $7.25
Popularity: This is one of the most, if not the most, popular WR lunch locations. Right next to Chipotle, there will always be a very long line consisting of WR students during the lunch hour. If you want to socialize and wait a long time for your food, then this is the place for you.
Experience: The workers are often fairly rude, but if I had to deal with that many teenagers every day, I would be rude, too. They have also messed up my order on numerous occasions, but I find myself going back time and time again because it is just that good. GET A RICE KRISPY TREAT. (and bring it to Ms. Landon)
Overall Rating: 8/10

Location: 3050 Youngfield St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80215
Distance: 2.3 miles, 7-minute drive
Price: On average, the price of things at Taco Bell ranges from $1-$8
Popularity: The majority of Taco Bell’s popularity in terms of Wheat Ridge students comes from them ordering it online to be delivered to the school, so usually the line isn’t too bad at the physical restaurant.
Experience: I cannot stress enough that the people inside this Taco Bell are so incredibly rude and it always hurts my feelings. They usually get my order wrong and if I dare say anything then I’m the worst. The food is good though, I just don’t appreciate the workers.
Extra notes: I recommend getting a Chicken Chalupa with nacho cheese and a cherry Pepsi. Yummy.
Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Location: 2881 Youngfield Street Golden, CO 80401
Distance: 2.3 miles, 7-minute drive
Price: Food is rarely more than $7
Popularity: There is usually quite a bit of a line at McDonald’s at lunchtime however I haven’t noticed a lot of Wheat Ridge students there and luckily the line usually moves pretty fast.
Experience: The workers aren’t the nicest but like many places, I don’t blame them because of the given situation.
Extra notes: This food always makes me sick. Maybe it’s just me but it always makes my stomach hurt and I don’t particularly like eating there.
Overall Rating: 2/10

Location: 3795 Kipling Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Distance: 1.0 miles, 4-minute drive
Price: On average, Starbucks drinks are about $8
Popularity: Surprisingly, not a lot of WR students go to Starbucks for lunch, which is kind of weird to me. I would think it would be more popular given the location and price. Really only freshmen go there… so do with that information what you will.
Experience: The people there are actually really nice, and I’ve never had an inherently negative experience there.
Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Location: 3725 Kipling Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Distance: 0.9 miles, 3-minute drive
Price: Usually it’s pretty expensive and overpriced, but on Wednesdays, their sushi is only $5!
Popularity: On Wednesdays, it gets super popular because of the deal, but mostly it never gets super busy. Very underrated spot for WR students.
Experience: There is one specific cashier there… I don’t know her name but she’s an older woman and she is the nicest, most kind, most lovely person I have ever met in my entire life. She is always so nice to me and all my friends and she always tells us stories about her childhood, it’s amazing she is lovely.
Extra notes: The only notes I have are that sushi is only $5 on Wednesdays, as I mentioned before.
Overall Rating: 8/10

Location: 3805 Kipling Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Distance: 1.0 miles, 3-minute drive
Price: You’re not going to find anything cheaper than this, obviously it’s nothing gourmet but it’s a good little snack vibes meal for cheap.
Popularity: A lot of Wheat Ridge students go here, especially freshmen since it’s within walking distance. You will most definitely run into a few Wheat Ridge students while you’re there.
Experience: There’s a woman there named Claire, and she is my favorite person in the world. She is so funny and nice and she gives me free Icee’s. She is also expecting a child and I’m so happy for her. If you get the chance please say hi to her– I adore her.
Overall Rating: 10/10

Location: 3753 Wadsworth Boulevard #115, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Distance: 1.8 miles, 6-minute drive
Price: Smoothies are about $7, which is reasonable for a smoothie if you ask me.
Popularity: This is another super popular spot for WR students and the line almost always takes forever.
Experience: The people in there… I have a neutral opinion of them. They’re not rude but they’re not particularly enjoyable.
Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Location: 6671 W Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80214
Distance: 3.4 miles, 11-minute drive
Price: The prices here are comparable to Starbucks, but maybe a little cheaper. Drinks around about 6-7 dollars.
Popularity: The lines. At Dutch Bros. Are so. Stupidly. LONG. I’m always late to class when I go to Dutch, but it’s honestly worth it because the drinks are so good.
Experience: The people there are so nice, I don’t know if it’s a part of their training to be amazing people but truly they always make me happy. I feel like I’m best friends with all of them.
Extra notes: They don’t really have any good food there… They have muffin tops but they’re mid.
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

The Award Show!~
Voted most popular by nearly 200 WR students goes to… Chipotle!
Second and third place go to Canes and Noodles and Company, respectively.
Voted least popular by nearly 200 WR students goes to… Sprouts!
Voted authors choice by yours truly… Sprouts (on Wednesdays) and the Gas Station!
Final ranks:
1- Chipotle
2- Canes
3- Noodles and Company
4- Tied: Dutch Bros.
5- Tied: Starbucks
6- Tied: Tropical Smoothie
6- Tied: McDonald’s
7- Gas Station
8- Taco Bell
9- Sprouts