Plakorus is the New Fall Play Director


2022, Fall Play : “Leaving Iowa”, poster

Sophie Martin, Reporter

The annual Wheat Ridge Fall Play is a production put on by Wheat Ridge students to showcase their talents before the annual spring musical. Formerly directed by Autumn Ehrhardt, an English and theater teacher; now directed by Ryan Plakorus, the choir teacher at Wheat Ridge High School. The change in directors allows for a new horizon for the theater program. 

This is seen to be a big change for the theater community as Ehrhardthas been directing the fall play for many years prior. But Plakorus may bring a new aspect to the show and the program. 

Plakorus has experience working with the spring musical, so he isn’t a complete stranger to theater productions. However, the fall play has a different community involved in it, and he recognizes this as a “new adventure” as well as another opportunity to get to know the kids better. 

Plakorus aims to “create a community and culture” with the fall play– community where the students who put in the effort to be involved are able to “learn, grow, connect, and work for excellence and success.”

Although the play itself has not been decided yet, Plakorus’ choice of scripts will be announced by the end of the spring 2023 semester. 

Plakorus is very excited to get more people involved, so if you would like to be involved with the upcoming fall production you can visit Plakorus in his office, located in the choir room, to get more information.