Mr. Larson Taking a Year Leave of the Farm


Mr. Larson’s name plate outside his classroom.

Atticus, Rookie reporter

Kurt Larson, a devoted educator who 12 years teaching 9 years at Wheat Ridge High School, recently made the arduous decision to depart due to health reasons. Despite the difficulty of his choice, he recognized it was paramount for his well-being and the possibility of continuing teaching in the future.

When inquired about what influenced his departure, Larson cited his health condition as the predominant factor. Though he did not expound on the specific ailment, it is evident that he had to prioritize his health above all else.

Although Larson is leaving the Farm l, he remains uncertain about his next pursuits. He expressed his yearning to figure it out soon, but for now, he is devoting his time to recuperating and focusing on his health.

Larson has a fondness for Farmer T-shirts, which he dons with pride and gusto. When queried about his favorite one, he mentioned the one with the “Farmer Nation” emblazoned on it. It’s apparent that his passion for the Farmand our community is held close to his heart.

Regarding his favorite memories at Wheat Ridge High School, Larson reminisced about his first year of teaching chemistry. He acknowledged that it was a challenging experience, but also highlighted that a couple of his classes were astounding. He grappled to pick out specific memories, but he expressed that his inaugural year at the school was an overall phenomenal experience.

When asked about his preferred grade to teach, Larson proclaimed his love for 11th-grade chemistry. His ardor for chemistry and his ability to connect with his students made it a gratifying experience. However, he also recognized that 9th grade was the most boisterous and vivacious grade to teach.

It’s unmistakable that Larson had a considerable influence on the Wheat Ridge High School community, and his absence will be felt. He was a captivating and passionate educator who inspired numerous students to pursue their passions and interests. We, here at the Wheat Ridge Haystack, wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.