Age Needs to Stop!


Alexander Helton, Reporter

You have heard about solutions to reverse aging. You have heard of skin-lotions and supplements and pills, and I am here to debunk just about everything those advertisements say. What we are going to do is give you the real solutions.

The first thing we need to establish is our definition of age. There is no such thing as dying of old age; what really occurs is just your body ceasing to operate its chemical functions. The second property of aging we need to consider is the idea that cells can be repaired. These two properties are going to be the basis of this piece of writing.

Let’s talk vitamins; these powerful minerals are, as their name implies, vital to bodily functions. One of these such vitamins is called vitamin A. This vitamin is used to keep the soft tissues of the body healthy, as well as reinforce cell reproduction. By continuing to take this vitamin, it will make sure that your skin stays in good condition, along with retaining eyesight because this vitamin heals eye tissue.

The other vitamin we need to look at is vitamin C. This is an antioxidant, and it protects cells from the damage caused from converting glucose into energy. Over the course of your life, cells deteriorate from exposure to oxygen. This is because oxygen is corrosive and eats away at anything living or not. 

But there is more than outward appearance to age. We have to see how to prevent the ravages of time within the body. Some of the things that help with things such as liver and kidney health are eating healthily, reducing sodium intake and maintaining a balanced diet. Consuming blueberries, cauliflower, fish, and whole grains can make sure your vital systems stay in balance. 

A healthy exercise routine is also on the list of things to do in order to benefit your health and reduce aging impacts. The main form of exercise has to do with running or walking. It is important to exercise your legs as you age, in order to retain those muscles. In addition, if you run regularly, you will be exercising your cardiovascular system as well, which will help with keeping your heart strong.

Diet is another important factor in age and the prevention there of. I went to go see if there was correlation between diet and appearance. I interviewed David Osse, a math teacher. He is 59, and barely has any gray hairs. Seeing as this was On whether he looked the way he did because of what he did naturally or if he did something different. It seems like his diet consisted mainly of protein, and protein does, in-fact seem to repair cells and damage. He also stated that he ate plenty of peppers, which by his mention “have very high amounts of antioxidants”.

Finally, we need to concept check. How much is possible with age? Well, we can’t reverse or prevent it. However, what we can do is reduce the impact age has on ourselves. And a quote from Kurt Larson, a biology teacher on the Farm, informs us that “you stop making new cells and chemicals after a while.” 

Overall, the best way to deal with age is not to try reverse it, but to make the best of your life while it lasts, keeping it healthy for as long as you can and being grateful for what you have right now.