goodbye, wheatridge


Alexander Helton

First off, I would like to say that this year has been amazing. I loved being at Wheat Ridge. It was one of the most enjoyable school experiences I’ve had. I made plenty of friends, and I have never felt more welcome.

I wish I could address all the people whom I felt were welcoming and kind, but I sincerely do not remember the names. What I do know is that I will remember all of my friends for a good long while. 

I am a bit sad that I will not be able to stay after this year, as I would have loved to make more memories. I have cherished all the time that I have spent with all the people at this school.

I have to mention my friends Lillian Kuberry, taylor and Trinity Brisby, and Corbin Travis. these have been my core friends on which I relied for most of icks the year. If not for these people, I would not have had many friends this year. We have had some challenges, but we have overcome them.

Next, I would like to bring attention to my GT classroom. This was one of my favorite classes. We learned some very odd and random things, from video games to funny president activity. It was a good chance to learn about some of the niche knowledge my classmates had, and a nice opportunity to understand what it is like to be around other people with different behaviors.

I also must talk about my newspaper class, because I couldn’t write this article without taking the newspaper class. I have learned many things during my time in publication class. For example, I now know I don’t need to use incredibly complex words for writing a paper. 

And last but not least, I am going to talk about my AP Language class. It has helped me learn how to write with grammatical correctness and finesse. These are skills I will use for, hopefully, the rest of my life. Knowing how to write well is a live skill, and I will make sure to remember this class for the rest of my writing career.

I thank everyone for their kindness, and I wish the whole class nothing but good luck with the rest of the school year. I will very much miss not being here for the next few years, and I hope I will be able to make new friends as good as you in my new school. Thank you all, for everything.