Allision Mant is Saying Goodbye to the Farm


Brandon Mendez, Reporter

Allison Mant, a teacher in Wheat Ridge’s Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing program,  loves to teach us as students, always with a positive energy vibe when entering her room. As what she always likes to state in class, “Class Time is for classwork!” forever it shall be huh…Or will it come to an end?

Mant wasn’t influenced to leave this high school, but it was a personal choice that she had asked for a couple years ago. 

“When numbers of students with hearing loss changes, they change the number of teachers in the building, so based on your case management members they move teachers around,” she said. Getting moved around and settling in is not always an easy thing to do.”I will have to prepare for this new position that tends to be different,” Mant stated . In addition it will be different because “I won’t be teaching a class room but I will be meeting with students on a daily basis.” 

The students in the DHH program know that Mant is a teacher that likes to teach and is a pretty chill teacher as you do your work.  

“I think what is really fun about being at Wheat Ridge , is getting to know the kids that I met [when they were] in preschool/elementary school becoming high schoolers”. Surprisingly Mant  hasn’t had any bad memories here at Wheat Ridge High School. However she did say that She didn’t like remote learning in addition to what she had stated… Ms.Mant didn’t like the transition back to using the face-masks. These occurrences with Covid-19 and using masks kind of made it difficult to be motivated, especially when DHH students rely a lot on reading lips.
Furthermore, she indeed tells us that “School spirit can be the key to have a good time in high school”..  One of her favorite Farmer T-Shirts is the one that says “Farmer Nations” words solo. 

My favorite “grades to teach are Freshman and sophomores,” she said. Shocking Ms.Mant has taught here at the Farm for five  years.

Staying Positive does not mean that things will turn out okay, rather it is known that you will be okay no matter how things turn out,” said Mant, giving us inspiration for our futures even though she won’t be with us next year.