JJ Moss

Leaving the Farm

JJ Moss

Sophie Martin, Reporter

JJ Moss, the business teacher at Wheat Ridge High School, is one of the teachers being displaced by low enrollment. Moss has been teaching for 15 years, but only one of those were at Wheat Ridge. Being one of the newest hires, Mosswas unfortunately selected to be one of those who were displaced. 

Although only being here a year Moss has savored her time here. Her favorite grade to teach is juniors. When asked why, she commented about their, “self expression, they’re finding out who they want to be in life, ‘they have woken up’, becoming individuals, and have confidence in their individualization; plus I enjoy the ‘saucy’ kids”. 

Moss describes her memories at Wheat Ridge High School as “Ripe and fantastic.” She loved having Farmer Time class where she had the opportunity to bond with the kids, and she especially valued the assemblies, “coming from ‘option’ schools like Warren Tech, they never had anything like that there, so they were always amazing experiences.” Moss also values the lessons she was taught from the students. She commented on the “Continual reminder that there is so much creative and constructive thinking in youth.” She also wanted to add that “students can make of themselves what they want to be, even at Wheat Ridge.”

Moss plans to continue her career as a tech coordinator at Chatfield High School, as well as straddling the line between individual endeavors such as her personal marketing agency. She drives to continue her career in education, as she states, “Teaching keeps me young, teaching gives me control of my own space.”

When asked to share what she would give as her senior quote she shared this : “Life’s not about finding one’s self, it’s about creating yourself.”