Samantha Aschwanden

Leaving the Farm


Sophie Martin, Reporter

Samantha Aschwanden, a social studies teacher, was also a victim of displacement due to declining enrollment at the Farm. After working at Wheat Ridge for two years, Aschwanden plans to continue her educational career as a Social Studies teacher at Golden High School. 

“I’m going to miss Wheat Ridge a lot,” she said. 

Aschwanden said some of her favorite memories at Wheat Ridge include : dances and events (specifically when she got to see the kids all dressed up), projects in class that allowed students to express their creativity, having discussions with her students about their futures as well as their future world, getting to know the kids, and graduation. Aschwanden’s favorite grade to teach were seniors, mainly due to their capabilities to have lots of fun activities in class “without causing chaos”. 

During the 2022-2023 school year, Aschwanden sponsored the Wheat Ridge High School student senate. The Senate kids loved to spend time and plan events with her. Junior Alice Morrissey shared, “Ms. Asch is such a special person because she can challenge you while teaching while also maintaining a friend like relationship. She is one of my biggest role models because she’s taught me so much about compassion and leadership.”

Aschwanden explained how she has learned “a lot of things” from the students and colleagues that she has worked with. Specifically she spoke on learning resilience for teaching, and learning how to build positive relationships with the people around her. 

When Aschwanden was asked to give a senior quote she shared that, “It costs zero dollars to be a kind human being.”