Thank you Jef Fugita!


Principal Jef Fugita poses for a picture in the halls of Wheat Ridge High School.

Tucker Payne, Reporter

At Wheat Ridge High School InterimInterim Principal Jef Fugita is being thanked and honored for the help he provided for the farm. Unfortunately, he came to support and lead the school for one year precisely while he also had to find a new principal to come over and take over the farm. 

When I went to ask Mr, Fugita about his experience on the farm, this is what he had to say. “ His favorite memory had to do with the students, like going to Alaska with the girls soccer team, homecoming, and prom.” he said, “ I loved to get to know the students better.”  All of his favorite moments of the year included being with students and connecting to the people around him.

I asked Mr. Fugita if he would be sad to leave the farm and he said, “ no, because he didn’t get to do fun stuff. He was bummed to deal with the day-to-day and the negative student actions. “ He enjoyed his time at the farm but will enjoy his time this summer going to Italy with his wife. 

In the end, we’ve really enjoyed having Jef Fujita as an interim principal and will forever be grateful for what he did to this school.  We welcome Lisa Mahannah to the farm and are excited to see what is coming next.