Farewell to Flack


Nate Flack stands on the desks in his classroom.

Caden McNew, Reporter

One of the teachers leaving is social studies teacher, Nate Flack. He’s been teaching for a total of four years, and for all four of those years he’s been at Wheat Ridge. Naturally, Flack is sad to go. He was very open, sharing some of his favorite memories here, like having deep conversations and connecting with the kids. Specifically, one of his favorite memories is winning the soccer league and attending assemblies. He let me know that he loves to teach sophomores and seniors and that his kids have taught him that despite our differences, we can all remain united and connected.
Unfortunately, Flack is being forced to leave due to displacement, and he said that he would stay if he had the choice. It was made clear that Flack doesn’t have bad memories of this school, and that he’s going to miss the tight-knit community that is Wheat Ridge High School. As a final goodbye, he said his “Senior Quote” so to speak would be: “Kindness is our greatest currency” -Jim Carrey (?)
Fortunately, Flack is able to leave on good terms with the faculty, administration, and especially the students. It’s no secret that people are devastated that Flack is leaving. Freshman, Atticus Barron said, “I haven’t had him for four years like others have, but it’s emotional. I always expected him to be there for me when I made varsity [soccer], and many people including myself cried when he revealed that he was leaving. His unique way of teaching is something so special and he brought so much to the school.” Atticus isn’t the only one devastated over his leave, and Flack will be missed.
In the future, Flack is headed to Valor Christian High School to continue teaching history and coaching soccer. In a final statement, Flack also said “I love this school and love these kids. These kids deserve the best and it’s really hard to say goodbye–it’s a hard place to leave.” Not only is Flack going to miss the school, he, too, will be missed.