Are classroom pets helpful or a distraction?


Ms, Hova’s turtle Garbage being held by Ms, Hova.

Tucker Payne, Reporter

At Wheat Ridge High School many teachers of all subjects have recently introduced animals into the classroom, but are they a distraction or a helpful tool? French Teacher Madame H, has a pet bearded dragon and she states, “ she was worried pets in the classroom would be a distraction but she now thinks that pets are a great tool for incentives, creates a sense of community, and it shows students it’s ok to have weird passions or hobbies.” 

The debate of whether animals belong in the classroom has been long fought since 2010. One side may argue that classroom pets are a major distraction and shouldn’t be around the classroom disrupting learning. While others say that its beneficial to one’s learning and growth a s a human being. Animals can help grow empathy for other living things it creates a connection between the two and creates a cohabitation between animal and human. 

In my opinion and experience, having pets int he classroom is not a negative thing; it helps me stay focused because I know if I do my work, there is an incentive which is playing with that animal. From my personal experience I’ve always enjoyed having classroom pets because it creates many new experiences  in the classroom, Such as a bond between animals and humans, a bond between students, and a way of relaxation.

Interacting with animals has been proven positive for student because of the benefits of emotions. Having these pets in the classroom creates a connection between two living beings and it creates a healthy environment of compassion and empathy between the creatures because it makes a space of trust and a unbreakable bond. 

Having classroom pets creates a connection between students because it creates a common factor between everyone in the classroom, which makes it more easy for everyone to be friends and create a healthy classroom. Having this tool and common factor creates easy conversation topics and opens doors to new friendships in the room. 

Lastly, these animals are a way to destress after a long day. If the teacher creates a time where students can play with that animal, then it makes a time where students can enjoy school and can relax and take a break from schoolwork, therefore, allowing students to take a brain break and relax while still learning and growing to be better people. 

In conclusion, I believe animals in the classroom to be a helpful tool to human growth and not a class distraction. It is important to teach compassion throughout the childhood years and this is a huge way to implement that into school time.