Adios, Sepich


Mr. Sepich helps students in his class.

Caden McNew, Reporter

One of the best parts of being a Farmer is the chance to learn about new cultures and languages through our world language programs. Unfortunately with many staff leaving the school this year, one of our Spanish teachers, A.J. Sepich is departing from the Farm. Sepich is such an amazing teacher and has been such a wonderful addition to Wheat Ridge this year.
He has enjoyed his time this year, saying that sophomores are his favorite group to teach because “they are usually not yet mature, but also not as lost as freshmen.”
He has created so many bonds with students teaching them all about Spanish and the cultures surrounding the language. As his “senior quote,” he wanted to leave us by saying “Any pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough.” which is not only inspirational but something that sums up his time at Wheat Ridge.
This was Sepich’s first year at Wheat Ridge, despite having been teaching for over a decade. He’s going to continue to pursue education, teaching Spanish in the Cherry Creek school district.
He will always remember the “down to earth, authentic motivated, and caring community at Wheat Ridge.” He also said, “It reminds me of my hometown high school, and reminds me of what a high school ought to be.” He said he has no bad memories here, and he’s leaving Wheat Ridge on a good note with only love in his heart for the school and will be dearly missed by anyone who had the pleasure of interacting with him.