Bittersweet leaving of Weaver


Departing English and special programs teacher Nancy Weaver sits at her desk.

Atticus, Rookie Reporter

Wheat Ridge High School is bidding a bittersweet farewell to one of its most cherished educators, Nancy Weaver. This beloved English and special education teacher, who exudes passion and dedication, is leaving for a new path due to changes in her job responsibilities that would limit her presence as a shared position between Wheat Ridge and Alameda High Schools. Weaver was torn between providing ample time and attention to her students and accepting her new job. Overwhelmed by the thought of reduced interactions and limited focus, she made the heart-wrenching choice to seek a new path

During our interview, Weaver opened up about her departure and the profound impact her students had on her decision. She expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to teach and acknowledged the unwavering support she received from the Farmer Nation. However, she couldn’t shake the feeling that her reduced availability would compromise the quality of education she could provide. Determined to prioritize her students’ needs, Weaver has accepted a position as a full-time learning specialist at Chatfield High School, where she hopes to continue making a difference in young lives.

Reflecting on her time at Wheat Ridge, Weaver fondly recalled numerous cherished memories. Co-teaching experiences with colleagues Kay Landon and Sabrina Harrison stood out as highlights of her tenure, underscoring the importance of collaboration in enriching students’ educational journeys. She also expressed her gratitude for the students themselves, emphasizing their acceptance and kindness as key factors that made teaching at Wheat Ridge such a rewarding experience.

Weaver’s worst memories at Wheat Ridge were few and far between. With a slight smile, she playfully mentioned a stink bomb incident that caused temporary chaos in the school. It was a testament to her positive outlook and ability to find joy even in challenging situations.

As a dedicated educator, Weaver is always seeking wisdom to impart to her students. When asked if she had to choose a quote to be her senior quote, she shared this message: “It is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities,” quoting the wise words of Dumbledore. It encapsulates her belief in the transformative power of choices and the profound impact they can have on shaping one’s character.

Weaver’s departure leaves a void at Wheat Ridge High School. With 18 years of teaching experience, including four dedicated years at Wheat Ridge, she has left an indelible mark on countless students’ lives. While her presence will be sorely missed, her commitment to education will continue to flourish at Chatfield High School. The Wheat Ridge community, forever grateful for her contributions, wishes her the very best in her new role and the continued pursuit of her passion for teaching.