One of The Hardest Goodbye’s


Kay Landon and writer Zoe Mentel say their sad goodbyes in the publications lab on Monday.

Zoe Mentel, Reporter

I never thought this day would come when I had to say bye to one of my favorite teachers. This is an article to celebrate all of English and journalism teacher Kay  Landon’s amazing years here at Wheat Ridge. After 17 great years at Wheat Ridge, Landon has decided to retire to help her mom and possibly get her real estate license.

 Landon says some of her favorite memories here at the Farm were all the amazing students she got to teach and all of her kids she got to watch succeed and do amazing things with their lives. She also mentioned that she will never forget that during a kid’s capstone presentation this year there was a bird in the vent in the classroom.

“That was definitely a sign that the upcoming building renovations are well overdue!” she said.

 She also had some not-so-great memories here like when stinky water leaked all over her classroom, back when her room was in the annex. Another memory she will never forget is when she wore a T-shirt that said “I’m with greatness” with an arrow on it pointing directly at a kid that had just cussed her out. She said that is one of her favorite T-shirts now because of this funny coincidence. 

 With all of that being considered Landon is really going to miss Wheat Ridge, and we are definitely going to miss her as well. Landon also told me that she is going to be visiting Wheat Ridge very frequently to check up on all of us. 

While I and lots of other students and staff will miss her we will all remember all of our favorite moments with her, the things she taught us, and the amazing person she is. I wish Landon the most happiness in everything she does after Wheat Ridge, and I look forward to seeing her when she visits.