Manning and the Broncos Ride Past First Two Opponents

Manning and the Broncos Ride Past First Two Opponents

By Joe Schnebly

It has been two weeks since the beginning of the NFL season, and the Denver Broncos are already on a winning streak, as expected.

However, the Broncos barely got away with a win in both games they have played so far.

In week one, the Broncos faced off against Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. It was the rematch from week seven of the 2013 season where the Broncos fell to the Colts 39-33. Peyton Manning and the Broncos weren’t about to start off the year with a loss against Manning’s old team.

The game started off slow with the only points coming from a 21-yard field goal provided by Brandon McManus in the first quarter. The second quarter started off with a bang in the first minute with a three yard pass from Manning to tight end Julius Thomas. Manning would hook up with Thomas two other times in the second, leading the Colts 24-0. Andrew Luck and the Colts would come back with a nine yard run to make the game 24-7 at the end of the first half.

The second half was a little bit more stressful for both the team and the city of Denver. The defense played really well during the first half but that reliability was lost during the second. The defense gave up three touchdowns and almost blew the game for Denver. If it hadn’t been for Montee Ball’s touchdown run at the start of the fourth quarter, the game would have gone into overtime and the Broncos may have lost.

In week two, the Broncos had almost the same game they did in week one. Manning and the offense played great throughout the game but the defense almost lost the game to the Kansas City Chiefs, the final score was 24-17.

Defensive cordinator Jack Del Rio and the Broncos front office seemed to have a great off-season, picking up defensive players like Demarcus Ware, TJ Ward and Aqib Talib. But in the second half of the first two games, the defense has been slipping. There is a reason why we lost the super bowl to the Seattle Seahawks; they have the best defense in the league.

If the Broncos want to go back to the Super Bowl and win this time, head coach John Fox and Del Rio will have to work together to get the Denver defense back to what it was in the “Orange Crush” days.