Farmers Football Comes to a Disappointing End

By Joe Schnebly

“It looked like this year was going to be a good one.”

“We have a new coach and a new way to get things done this year!” said junior Sylas Anderson.

The Farmer football team, led by new coach Dan Reardon, came out with a great start against both Pueblo Central and Littleton high schools. They dominated both teams with a combined score of 91-0, starting the season off right with two away wins.

During homecoming week, the Farmers were looking forward to playing Pueblo South. However, Pueblo came and ruined the hopes of the both the team and the fans, winning 37-20. Skipping forward to Oct. 24, the Farmers took on the rival Golden Demons while also trying to keep their playoff hopes alive. They went on to destroy the Demons 43-6.

They only needed one more win to make it to the playoffs, the only problem was, they had to beat one of the best teams in the league: Denver South. The Farmers haven’t beaten the Rebels since they have entered the league but the Farmers aren’t ready to go down without a fight.

Even though the Farmers looked like they could pull the win out, they just didn’t have enough to defeat the Rebels. The final score was 39-20 and the final game of the year for Farmers had come to an abrupt end.

With everything that has happened since the end of the last year, to the hiring of the new coach and now the end of this year, the Farmers did better than what was expected out of them. They finished the season out with a 6-4 record. While it was a good season, the Farmer football team just couldn’t get it done; hopefully they will next year.