GT Night Welcomes Incoming Freshmen

GT Poster

By Connor Gard

On May 21, our gifted and talented department is holding their second annual GT Night at Wheat Ridge High School.

The GT program has helped to support unique emotional, social, and intellectual needs of the gifted and talented students of our school.

GT Night is purposed around helping to welcome the incoming students for the next year into the GT program.  It is made to be a fun and enjoyable experience to help excite the students to join when the school year starts.

The idea for GT Night has been modeled around GT teacher Elliott Holm’s experience when he attended Evergreen High School. His choir teacher hosted an annual madrigal dinner they sponsored each year.

At GT Night, you can take a journey through time, with each of the booths representing a different period in time, starting at the Big Bang.  Each booth will have an activity relating to its time period, as well as a product to accompany it.  A few examples of booths you can expect to see at the event are: a prehistoric booth with a fossil dig, a wild west booth with a “shooting” game, and a futuristic booth with agricultural domes.  Products can be things like candles at the Salem Witch Trials booth, swords at the Viking booth, or even photos at the 90s themed booth.  All of the products and activities at the event will be free to take part in.

The prices for the evening of May 21 will be as followed: children 5 and under, as well as incoming GT students will be free, ages 6-12 will be $3 each, and anyone 13 or above will be $5.

The GT department hopes to see you there!