Trick-or-Treat Street is Fun for All Ages

Atticus Barron, Rookie Reporter

Trick-or-treating has been a famous tradition throughout the years. Many young children recount the infamous candy trading after being told it was time to go.
your school-Wheat Ridge High School is throwing a trick-or-treating “street” on Oct. 26..
I’m sure many of you have seen those orange boxes in your teacher’s room; they are for collecting candy for the various booths that the younger kids will go to for their night of trick-or-treating.
Math teacher Kendra Gothard had this to say about the event, “I really enjoy Trick-or-Treat Street because it makes kids want to go here [for their own high school years} after seeing a fun activity.”
All of these teacher and extracurricular activities booths will be located in the main hallway from 5:30-7:30. Each will have a game for the kids to play before they get their candy.
Freshman Brody Coghlan noticed a lot of students are donating candy, some for extra credit in their classes., “Mrs. Walker has a lot of candy because everyone is failing her class,” he said.
Booths will be very entertaining, every booth will contain a game put on by the owners of the booth; some games might be fun whilst others are just everyone-wins kind of games. This fun activity will be held throughout the main hall.
Many Farmers will be in their favorite teacher’s booth or they might be helping with the rallies of children. This event is held every year, so if you can’t make it this year try next year!
The senate is very excited to bring you Trick-or-Treat Street this year! FreshmanAivenFurman said, “I am very excited for this year’s Trick-or-Treat Street. We didn’t do any of this stuff at my old school. I’m really hyped to walk around with my younger brother and have him enjoy it so much.”
Some Farmers aren’t able to make it this year and are very sad, but don’t fret–we’ve got you covered with these activities. Below are the other senate-run activities for the rest of the year.
A staff appreciation rally
Community service-oriented fundraiser
A winter dance
Welcome back to the second-semester assembly