Beloved Everitt Teacher Wins the SHAPE America Award


Courtesy of Everitt Middle School

P.E. teacher Brad Hull takes a quick picture with his number one fan

Bailey Duplessis, Sports Editor

Everitt Middle School filled the hallways with balloons and streamers on Wednesday, Jan. 15 to surprise physical education teacher, Brad Hull, with a hallway celebration.

Society of Health And Physical Educators America (SHAPE)  named Hull its 2020 District Teacher of the Year for adapted physical education, dance education, and health education. There were many congratulatory banners and pom-poms to greet Hull as he went up the main stairs. In addition, many Everitt students and staff wore Hull face masks. Even the school’s therapy dog, Pirate, got into the act.

“I had no idea they were going to do that. At the beginning, walking up the stairs, I felt really nervous, but getting towards the end, I felt truly thankful,” said Hull about the celebration.

 In order to become a district teacher of the year, a teacher has to win the state award first. Hull won the 2018 SHAPE Colorado award and because of that, he had two years to apply for the district teacher of the year.  Hull and the five other district teachers will be honored during the 2020 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo in Salt Lake City in April. He is the 2020 central district teacher of the year award. From there, he can go on to compete for the national award.

Hull was my gym teacher while I was at Everitt Middle School from the 2015-2017 school years. The 2015-2016 school year was also his first year at Everitt. He was the best P.E. teacher I have ever had. He made me feel like I was able to succeed without being the best one in the class, even though I always tried to be the best.

“In my opinion, P.E. is the most important subject in schools,” Hull said about the importance of having a physical education class. He exemplifies that belief  through everything he has done for the school, but most importantly for the kids of Everitt Middle school.

 In just five years, he has done so much for the school. He has gotten the NFL Play 60 program started, secured a grant for a $100,000 workout gym, and has just inspired every kid who has ever come through the doors of his gym. “My philosophy is just to provide my students with the best P.E. experience as much as possible,” Hull said.

Hull says, “I love Everitt! The staff is great and the students are always great,” and most everyone can agree, Hull is also great and he definitely deserves this award! Congratulations Mr. Hull!