Karen Studies Offered at Wheat Ridge High School

Karen Studies Offered at Wheat Ridge High School

Jenna Martinez, Rookie Reporter


A new class is being offered and you may just want to take it!

As the school year is quickly wrapping to an end with May rapidly approaching, an executive decision was made this year to teach students how to become the next ultimate “Karen” next year.

The entitled parents, customers, overprotective parents, and the ones who always seem to want to speak to the manager who things don’t go their way. By taking this course you will be becoming an important part of society much like our doctors and lawyers, because the world wouldn’t be the same without Karen’s. Learn how to talk to the manager, the mid length haircuts with the blonde highlights that are a little too bright, over protecting your kids, and getting a little too mad if your coupon expires and no longer works. By taking this class, you’ll soon learn that the customer is always right, and by always right you’re always right! 

One of the various homework assignments will include buying a “Live, Laugh, Love” sign to hang in your house, a special sign for a special home. Along with that, the class also features a field trip to the local supermarket where you can ask to speak to the manager yourself, attending PTA meetings to finally insult Linda, and fulfilling the duties of becoming the memes we see all the time. The class is easy to pass as long as you can loosen up and live, laugh, and love. 

Does this class seem interesting to you? You should consider taking it! The class will offer an experience of a lifetime as you’ll be also earning your elective credits. It’s a one semester class, but the administration thinks it will offer a wide range of opportunities to learn how to become an entitled customer and make your way into the real world. Become an important part of society and earn credit at the same time!

photo courtsey: dictionary.com